Our business:

  • Skilled work in metal industry
  - iron work producing metal construction
producing wrought iron products
producing arched roofs
    making fences, gates, iron stairs, bars
automatic gates
    building in, fitting up and repairing of fastening
- engine fitting settlement of machines
    maintenance of machines
- maintenance work offices
  • Skilled work in construction industry
- insulating work air conditioning
    rainwater, proofing with kaiflex, tubolit, armaflex materials 
    chimney lining with aluminium or PVC sheets
- plaster work separation walls, ceiling work
    framework and other constructional work
- electromechanical work cable subway
electrical installation supplements
    lightning conductor and earthing
  - piping work

heating and water system with copper, steel, 
- framework, portals
- gutters, tinwork

My firm could do more work by competition. Beside our constant partners we continuously get orders from newer and newer customers. Our qualified experts work on a high level with first class machines on any parts of the country. We pay particular attention to time-limit and quality.

We consider our market position stable. Gaining repute due to our unique products and trustworthiness, we have confidence in the future. The following list of our important reference work reflect that we can find a market not only within the county but outside it, as well.